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Empowering decision-makers to plan the future of offshore wind power

Client mission

Wind farms are not all the same: some locations are more cost-efficient than others. In addition, wind turbines also vary. Some deliver more power. Some require more maintenance. In this increasingly crucial sector (which is helping the UK to become more self-sufficient in terms of energy), knowing which equipment and which locations are performing best is of both commercial and of national interest. Hence the creation of SPARTA, a collaborative project designed to create an interactive analytics tool and platform for this key information.

The critical issue

SPARTA stands for “System Performance, Availability and Reliability Trend Analysis”, which sums up the objectives of the project. SPARTA brings together commercial operators (with concerns over anonymity and confidentiality) with the Crown Estates (who own the sea bed) and the Government. All stakeholders are seeking the same thing: intuitive, secure data that helps them to make wiser investment decisions in the future.

Opencast solution

Working in partnership with SPARTA’s technology team, our challenge was to structure the vast amounts of complex data being gathered into a web-enabled, user-friendly platform. We designed and project-managed the creation of this platform. We designed an application for analysing the data. Finally, leveraging our experience in the banking sector, we ensured that confidentiality and security issues were addressed, anonymising all data, except when viewed by authorized users.

The result

The resulting secure, scalable technology platform enabled all stakeholders to access data in the format that suited them. Key metrics such as meantime between repairs, and overall power efficiency were easily accessible, allowing for better decision-making in the future.

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Unit 203 Maling Exchange Hoults Yard Walker Road Newcastle‑upon‑Tyne NE6 2HL


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