User-centred design


User-centred design

Accessible by default

We are passionate about putting users at the heart of all we do. Whether it is citizens using a digital service, users of critical operational systems or technical experts managing technology infrastructure, we put users of all kinds at the core of the design process.

The service design mindset of our UCD consultants means we leave no stone unturned in our efforts to make services that work for all users. Accessibility is fundamental to the solutions we design and build and we take an ‘accessible by default’ approach. We apply the same UCD principles to our own organisation.

User-centred design

Tools and Practices

We apply the core UCD methods and skillsets of user research, content design and strategy, interaction design and service design. We design services and products to offer a complete end-to-end journey, covering online and offline channels, front and back-stage processes.

We collaborate closely with businesses and technology-focused consultants to design solutions that meet business goals, address user needs and improve customer experience. 

A sudden growth in demand for our online services required a rapid scale-up and a restructure of our architecture. Opencast was absolutely key to our success in managing that, with no unplanned downtime

Murray Ellender, chief executive


Thanks and congratulations to the team for all the hard work they’ve put in...they should be so proud of themselves to deliver with such challenging timelines. It’s a turbulent time for all so to keep on track is a real achievement

Digital delivery manager

Civil Service

Opencast employees were very much part of the integrated and blended team that helped us… it was a real team effort…what’s really remarkable was that the solution was delivered in three weeks

Jacqui Leggetter, head of integration and deputy director

Department for Work & Pensions

The resilience, commitment and confidence of everyone has been incomparable. Everyone, across both the wider business and within technology involved in all elements of both the build and delivery of these projects and products have worked exceptionally hard in extraordinary times

Kirste Worland, head of applications

NHS Business Services Authority

We were delighted to receive a charity grant from Opencast. It has enabled us to continue our essential support work in providing free meals, emergency clothing, and emergency food parcels to struggling individuals and families

Rebecca Stevenson

St Vincent’s Support Centre

Opencast helped us technically assure the solutions provided by third party suppliers. Their knowledge and ability to build strong relationships with all parties significantly improved the efficiency of our group

Senior manager


Opencast worked closely with us to radically improve our service management function, allowing our staff and organisation to learn from their extensive experience

Chief technology officer

Insure the box

I love working at Opencast. The culture is amazing and the recognition the company gives for my work makes me want to push harder for our clients. I feel like I am directly responsible for the success of the company in my own way, which is nice!

Opencast team member

The company handbook, Don’t Step Over the Milk, summed it up for me. It was a great insight into the way the company thinks and operates. It trusts you to do the job, it expects you to work hard and wants you to have fun.

Opencast team member

The culture is relaxed and laid back, but everyone works hard. Everyone is smart, intelligent, but also friendly and approachable. There’s no hierarchy here, and I feel I can take ideas and suggestions to anyone, whereas in my previous job this was often more difficult.

Opencast team member

I love the fact that personal development is important here.

Opencast team member

When you land somewhere like this, the passion that other people have for what they do is so infectious that it can only help you positively.

Opencast team member

We’re a relatively small company, although we do some vital work for important clients. But we’re also a great company to work for, you very much feel part of the family.

Opencast team member

My favourite thing about working for Opencast is the freedom, and that Opencast encourages me to educate myself and spend money on my learning.

Opencast team member

Response to the new service has been positive … we’re already getting good feedback from users on how to apply their learning in the workplace

Sarah Bradley

DWP Digital product owner

Opencast’s input into the development of the new platform helped PPT to pass its public beta assessment at the first attempt in November 2022. In June 2023, the PPT team passed its GDS assessment to take the service live

The partnership with Opencast will strengthen our user experience and digital offering for our members and users for years to come

Deniz Bruce, chief executive

GMDN Agency

Opencast has been a key part of our journey as we've grown and scaled the business. We have some of the Opencast team with us again now, and it’s working really well.

Murray Ellender, chief executive


Insights from users form the foundation for delivering the right solutions. These are also critical to the delivery of truly patient-centred care. Across all phases of a project, it’s essential to embed an agile, user-centred and service design mindset. So, we’ve set out seven core principles that we see as essential to deliver successful patient-centred care.

Patient-centred care in the NHS

Opencast look to understand the desired outcomes and the potential challenges to meeting expectations using a direct, collaborative approach with an emphasis on wellbeing and value-add.
We have open, honest and transparent conversations which have led to a trusted working relationship.
Always open and transparent.
Transparent, pragmatic, easy to work with.
Our collaboration with Opencast wasn’t a simple vendor-client relationship – it was a true partnership. Their commitment to knowledge transfer and real-world training enabled us to embrace best practices with remarkable speed and effectiveness. This has propelled us to new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Scott Lawson, Solution, Design and Data Manager

South Tyneside Council

Rosie blends her own experience, academic theory and the experiences of her client's employees to create a wonderful series of talks. She covers a range of neurodiversity topics in an engaging, accessible and thought-provoking way.
Rosie has been an absolutely awesome person who has helped me a lot understanding better about neurodiversity. I grew up in a place which being neurodivergent was not a thing or if you were, usually people felt sorry for you. Rosie helped a lot destroying that view for me and just showing how important it is to understand neurodivergence and how amazing it is. I also got to learn a bit more about an area which I was not familiar with and kind of gave me some understanding of myself too.
The sessions have helped me see that people are more accepting to neurodiversity than I thought and they have widened the knowledge across our organisation which will only continue to bring a positive impact here at Opencast.
How do you make a work environment open and safe for everyone? By being open and showing that an environment is safe enough to tell our own stories without fear of judgement or stigma. Rosie and Opencast have done exactly that. By combining practical learning with personal lived experiences, we've all become braver in sharing who we are and accepting that we don't need to pretend to be something we're not to succeed. "You do you".
I must admit that I didn't have much knowledge or understanding of neurodiversity to any great level of depth. However these sessions by Diversity Consulting at Opencast have really opened my mind and my death of understanding in neurodiversity. From my perspective, more understanding enables me to be more effective at supporting and enabling our neurodivergent colleagues.


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