18 January 2022

What we do & how we do it

Opencast’s new guide, What we do & how we do it, is designed to help potential clients and partners understand how we work by setting out what we do, how we do it – and where we’ve done it already.

Across its 56 pages, the guide sets out why our values, services, approach, process, purpose and people matter.

It brings Opencast’s work to life through the voices of our people, with a focus on outcomes and impact – in other words, what we have helped business and government organisations to achieve.  

The guide features case studies showing the impact of our work with key client and one-minute videos from key members of our team – and is packed with illustrations and infographics. 

A central 'spaceship' infographic shows our values, which in turn inform the services we provide and the social purpose we pursue. Check out the infographic here.

To download a PDF of the full publication click the cover image link.