How we embed agile

10 May 2023

How does Opencast ensure that agile is embedded pragmatically within our client projects? In our latest ‘practice area’ video, our expert consultants explain how we embed agile processes, so that things can be done better and faster.

Agile’ can mean all things to all people, meaning it’s a process that’s delivered in many different ways depending on the organisation and teams involved. But key elements generally stay true, including the division of tasks into short phase ‘sprints’ alongside rapid iteration and adaptation of plans. Governance in processes should also be taken into account.

Different ways to do agile

Opencast’s agile delivery manager Mark Hall says: “For agile, if you go online, looking at different clients or different projects, you’ll notice it’s done in slightly different ways, sometimes drastically different ways and that’s because there are different ways to do it, there are different frameworks, different thought processes.

“The first one would be, it’s not an overnight fix, so don’t just expect to go on an agile training course and the next day you’ll be able to do agile, because that is not the case.”

Product manager Andy McMurray adds: “Teams will be wanting to work in really good agile practices, having their sprints and delivering quickly, iteratively sprint on sprint.

Governance processes

“I think realistically, we as teams need to remember that actually these governance processes are established for a reason. Those have been put in place over time and developed not just to slow things down necessarily, not just to control things.

“Actually they’re there to protect citizens, t to ensure that what we are delivering for citizens is fit for purpose and it’s well thought through, that it’s gone through all of the validation and checks. So it’s really important that some of these organisations have governance.

“I would encourage teams to always think about why there is a governance process in place here, and why is it potentially more waterfall than agile. If that’s there for good reasons how do you as a team utilise that to your advantage? How do you actually use that to validate, to check, to go through the governance in a productive way?”

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Agile processes vary – but principles remain