How we meet accessibility needs

5 July 2023

How does Opencast meet accessibility needs for our clients? In our new short video, two of our user-centred design (UCD) practitioners offer expert advice on how we work to design content in a way that’s accessible to as many people as possible.

Access to all

At Opencast we look to help create content that’s accessible to as many people as possible – whether through written content or through visual design. This all matters for any organisation looking to adhere to industry standards such as on web content accessibility.

Interaction designer Michael Turner explains:  “There are many accessibility considerations to take into account when designing. Things like colour contrast for example - making sure that all your content on your screen, so buttons, text, labels, they’re all visually accessible to someone with visual impairments.

“Things like markup of HTML  are also quite important for screen readers because they rely on that to interpret the content on the page and making sure it’s marked up in a way they understand it.”

Content designer Milly Shaw adds: “From a content design perspective, one of the things that we really need to consider is what kind of language we’re using. So we need to make sure that the language that we’re using can be understood by people who have low literacy, people who might not have English as a first language, people with dyslexia.

“There’s lots and lots of different types of accessibility needs that we need to think about to make sure that what we’re designing can be accessed by everybody.”

Watch the video: meeting accessibility needs

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