How we share innovation and knowledge

20 April 2023

How does Opencast share knowledge and innovations with the clients we work with? In our latest video, our expert practitioners explain how we work to share the knowledge we acquire during our work so that our clients can learn and improve.

At Opencast we build in knowledge sharing with into our approach to client work to ensure that they emerge from the process better informed.  That means working together throughout, with clear communication across all stakeholders - and involving people every step of the way.

Involving everyone

DevOps engineer Ramin Esfandiari explains: "We try to improve the skills of the people we’re working with, mentor them by running various sessions, doing pair programming or pair building, with clear communication and risk analysis between stakeholders, teams, architects, developers – all the people involved in some way shape or form with what you’re trying to achieve."

Quality assurance lead Kerry-Anne Kane adds: "If there is a best practice that’s required, and somebody is aware of that, then they can teach that to the rest of the QAs, they can teach that to the stakeholders. We can do that within our teams as well. Collaborating within the team is a great way of learning."

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