Infographic shows what we do and how we do it

9 December 2021

Opencast's latest publication, 'What we do & how we do it', is out in the new year. Julian Blake offers a sneak preview.

The new guide will help potential clients and partners to understand better how Opencast works, by setting out what we do, where and when we’ve done it before – and what we’ve learned along the way.

'What we do & how we do it' sets out our values, our services, our approach and our purpose. It is based on our collective knowledge of how to deliver the best results for our existing clients and partners.

"A central infographic – the 'Opencast universe' – explains our work and approach in a single illustration"

Bringing our work to life

The publication brings our work to life through the voices of our people, with a focus on outcomes and impact – in other words, what we have helped our partners in business and government to achieve.

The guide features a central infographic – the 'Opencast universe' – explaining our work and approach in a single illustration. Designed by our graphic design partner The Works, it shows our core values, which in turn inform the services we provide and the social purpose we pursue.

Check out the full infographic (PDF).

Download a four-page summary of 'What we do & how we do it' (PDF).