Sector focus

Government and public sector

Knowledge and expertise

Our consultants bring decades of knowledge and expertise across the public sector, including work with the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Home Office, Scottish Government, UK Health Security Agency, Companies House and Student Loans Company, along with city and county councils including Aberdeen, Gateshead and Leicestershire, amongst others.

Our teams work across a diverse range of projects and programmes, spanning all our services, from individual digital service delivery to significant technology transformation programmes. We are used to working on high-profile programmes, often under intense time pressure and ministerial scrutiny such as EU-Exit and Covid-related services.

Discovery to live

We work with our clients across all phases of the digital delivery lifecycle, from discovery to alpha to private beta to public beta, then into live. We are experienced working to Government Service Standards and the Technology Code of Practice, using government design patterns and prototyping kits. Some of our consultants are trained Government Digital Service assessors and we bring expertise in designing and building truly accessible services.

Our consultants are adept at working with diverse stakeholder groups, often managing complex stakeholder landscapes that span multiple government departments and arm’s length agencies. We bring user needs, business requirements and policy intent to the heart of delivery. We also bring a collaborative approach, working as part of blended teams with in-house staff and other suppliers, establishing a shared vision and way of working.

  • Working together at HMRC

    Opencast played a significant role in helping HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to deliver the digital platforms it urgently needed to support people and businesses as the Covid pandemic took hold.

    Case study
  • Helping DWP Digital improve consistency and standards

    Opencast has been supporting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on a range of digital projects since 2020.

    Case study
  • Delivering better post-Brexit fisheries certification

    Working in the uncertain environment of Brexit and the pandemic lockdown, Opencast worked with Defra's Marine Maritime Organisation to help build a new online certification system for the efficient, compliant export of fisheries products to the EU. 

    Case study
  • DWP Digital employer support for disabled people

    Opencast has supported DWP Digital with the development of a new online service to give employers the tools they need to empower and encourage disabled employees and those with health conditions.

    Case study

Government procurement frameworks

Opencast works in partnership with multiple government departments and can be found on official procurement lists of preferred suppliers on the following Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework agreements.

Agreement number: RM1043.8

Opencast is a supplier on Digital Outcomes 6. We provide digital specialists across all digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles, providing agile development and user-centred design services to accelerate innovation within the public sector.

Agreement number: RM6263

Opencast is a supplier on the new digital specialists & programmes framework under lot 1 (digital programmes) and lot 2 (digital specialists). We provide the full range of digital, data and technology (DDaT) skills needed for end to end digital transformation programmes, as well as individual DDaT practitioners to work as part of an existing or new teams. 

Agreement number: RM1557.13

Opencast is a supplier on the G-Cloud 13 framework under lot 3 (cloud support) to provide Government clients with support in setting-up and maintaining cloud software or hosting services.

Agreement number: RM3749

Opencast is a supplier on the public sector resourcing single lot framework, which enables public sector authorities to engage contingent workers.

Agreement number: RM6148

Opencast is a supplier on the quality assurance testing (QAT) for IT systems framework, which provides a dynamic purchasing system for suppliers to offer independent QAT services, including testing environments, specialists, automation and consultancy, for use by the public sector and associated bodies and agencies.

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