Some key sectors we work with

  • Government and public sector

    Opencast has extensive experience of working across government and the public sector.

  • Healthcare

    Opencast’s digital expertise helps healthcare organisations give patients the services they need.

  • Financial services & fintech

    Opencast has a strong heritage in financial services, having worked across the sector since 2012.

  • Green energy

    Working in green energy gives our consultants the chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

Procurement frameworks

Opencast works in partnership with multiple government departments and can be found on official procurement lists of preferred suppliers on the following Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework agreements. We are also on frameworks related to our healthcare work.

Agreement number: RM6335

Opencast is a supplier on the Digital & Legacy Application Services (DALAS) framework on Lot 2b Digital, Integration & Programme Application Services. Key services include user-centred design, software lifecycle development, process, workflow, forms and application development, DevOps engineering and platform development amongst others. Opencast can also support on Lots 1, 2a and 3.

Agreement number: RM1043.8

Opencast is a supplier on Digital Outcomes 6. We provide digital specialists across all digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles, providing agile development and user-centred design services to accelerate innovation within the public sector.

Agreement number: RM6263

Opencast is a supplier on the new digital specialists & programmes framework under lot 1 (digital programmes) and lot 2 (digital specialists). We provide the full range of digital, data and technology (DDaT) skills needed for end to end digital transformation programmes, as well as individual DDaT practitioners to work as part of an existing or new teams. 

Agreement number: RM1557.13

Opencast is a supplier on the G-Cloud 13 framework under lot 3 (cloud support) to provide Government clients with support in setting-up and maintaining cloud software or hosting services.

Opencast is a supplier on the public sector resourcing single lot framework, which enables public sector authorities to engage contingent workers.

Agreement number: RM6148

Opencast is a supplier on the quality assurance testing (QAT2) for IT systems framework, which provides a dynamic purchasing system for suppliers to offer independent QAT services, including testing environments, specialists, automation and consultancy, for use by the public sector and associated bodies and agencies.

Agreement number: RM3764.3

Opencast is a supplier on the Cyber Security Services 3 dynamic purchasing system (DPS) - a flexible commercial agreement that enables UK central government departments, wider public sector organisations and charities to access an extensive range of cyber security services to help improve organisational cyber resilience and security posture. 

Agreement number: SBS10197

Opencast is a supplier on the NHS Shared Business Services Consultancy & Advisory Services for Health framework on Lot 5 – IT Business Consultancy. The framework has been designed to meet the needs of the healthcare sector by providing healthcare, corporate, social value and sustainability, IT, HR and property consultancy services.

Case studies

Here you can read examples of Opencast's work with our clients, setting out in each the challenges we have faced, our response, and the impact of our work on that organisation.

Survey results

Voice of client

At Opencast, we genuinely care about our clients’ outcomes, success, and the positive impact they have. We work collaboratively to ensure our clients and their customers, achieve the outcome required, delivering value and maximising return on investment (ROI).

At the end of last year, we asked our clients to complete a satisfaction survey, helping us better understand their expectations, wants and needs. This survey included a Net Promoter Score (NPS) which measures client satisfaction and loyalty.