Sector focus

Some key sectors we work with

  • Government and public sector

    Opencast has extensive experience of working across government and the public sector.

  • Healthcare

    Our desire to do the right thing has driven our work in healthcare – and we have worked in the sector since foundation.

  • Financial services & fintech

    Opencast has a strong heritage in financial services, having worked across the sector since 2012.

  • Green energy

    Working in green energy gives our consultants the chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

Case studies

Here you can read examples of Opencast's work with our clients, setting out in each the challenges we have faced, our response, and the impact of our work on that organisation.

  • DWP Digital employer support for disabled people

    Opencast has supported DWP Digital with the development of a new online service to give employers the tools they need to empower and encourage disabled employees and those with health conditions.

    Case study
  • Working together at HMRC

    Opencast played a significant role in helping HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to deliver the digital platforms it urgently needed to support people and businesses as the Covid pandemic took hold.

    Case study
  • Helping DWP Digital improve consistency and standards

    Opencast has been supporting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on a range of digital projects since 2020.

    Case study
  • Better banking data analytics

    Opencast worked with a Tier 1 banking client to build a new data analytics calculation engine, with the aim of helping it to answer strategic business questions more easily.

    Case study
  • Enhancing the electric vehicle charging experience

    Opencast started work with electric vehicle (EV) charging business Elmtronics in 2021 as part of our increasing portfolio of projects seeking positive social impact. 

    Case study
  • Helping eConsult meet a tenfold pandemic demand

    eConsult is a digital health company giving patients remote access to NHS doctors. It was established by four GP partners wanting to transform the delivery of healthcare to patients through technology. 

    Case study
  • Better decision making for offshore wind power

    Opencast supported ORE Catapult, the Crown Estate and offshore wind farm owner/operators on SPARTA, a collaborative project to improve wind turbine operational performance by increasing safety, reliability and availability.

    Case study
  • Delivering better post-Brexit fisheries certification

    Working in the uncertain environment of Brexit and the pandemic lockdown, Opencast worked with Defra's Marine Maritime Organisation to help build a new online certification system for the efficient, compliant export of fisheries products to the EU. 

    Case study