Our approach

Collectively, our people bring many decades of experience. We really have ‘been there and done that’ in some of the world’s leading technology and consultancy firms. We draw on this collective knowledge and apply three key foundations for an approach that we believe offers the best chance of success.


Our approach

Foundations for success

Our offer is so important because it’s what we bring to the table for our clients. And that's the collective knowledge and experience of all of our people along with an absolute desire to do the right thing for both our people and our clients. 

We know it's important to understand our clients business and user needs and when we do that we can work to leave clients in a better place than when we started and we can do that because we've got the right foundations in place.

Those foundations are that we work flexibly to deliver outcomes, not outputs and at Opencast we set out to make it as easy as possible to work with us as a partner. 

By focusing on the relationships that we build with clients, we know that we can work with them to deliver the right outcomes. 

We work alongside our clients, listening to what they need, offering advice, challenging where needed and delivering what they need to achieve their goals.

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Our foundations

Three foundations set our approach

To meet the objectives of the clients and partners we work with, we always keep a sharp focus on outcomes. We will always be flexible in our efforts to deliver them. 

Whether we are providing in-depth technical advice to leadership teams, working with a partner organisation to provide experts in niche areas or ramping up full-scale, multi-disciplinary agile scrum teams, our people are there to solve problems. 

We have the flexibility to scale teams at a rapid pace to meet business requirements, providing the agility that organisations need. This is enabled by our in-house innovation teams and strong candidate pipeline. And, we have a known contractor base for niche skills when required.  

We have worked on projects lasting from a few weeks to ongoing over years. Our people can work on site or remotely offsite. Our experience in government and other regulated sectors means we can provide people ready and able to meet security and clearance requirements.  

Alongside understanding what you need as a business, we will keep a sharp focus on what your users need. We will help you find the right balance of the two. 

User-centred design (UCD) offers a framework of processes to ensure products and services are informed by what users need, not assumptions. It is a rigorous system for building things that work for the people who use them.  

Integrating UCD means that everyone can be confident that the final product will be useful and usable for the people it is made for – avoiding unnecessary rework, cost and delays to delivery. To achieve this, we work closely with all users of a service to make sure we design solutions that work for everyone. 

Our approach enables us to maintain high standards, build good relationships with you as our client – and achieve the best results for users.  

We don’t just talk the talk: we also walk the walk. We’ve embedded UCD practices in the design of our new office headquarters. In the evolving context of a global pandemic, our people’s views on how they will work in the future have changed dramatically. 

So, whether it is in designing for our clients, or considering the way we work and organise ourselves, the people that use the services, systems and spaces are front and centre of our thinking. 

By working together with you as the client and being open and candid, we build trusted partnerships. We will support you in making effective, informed decisions. By sharing our experience and forming cross-functional teams, we are better placed to solve the problems at hand. Once we commit to working with you, we will stay alongside you on your journey – to discover, prepare then deliver. Always supportive, always listening.  

We understand that not everything is perfect with your business. You wouldn’t be looking for help if it was. We also know that your business is unique, so we will never take a one-size-fits-all approach.  

So, we will work to understand your business needs and the context of your business environment. That means using industry best practice and processes to assess your challenges and understand what you and your users need. We will help you to establish and grow your own in-house capabilities, through transferring knowledge and skills to your people. We use methods that we know work, whether that’s formal training and learning opportunities, or work shadowing, pair programming or informal lunch and learn sessions.  

You will also work with our dedicated client experience team, which means you can pick up the phone at any time to discuss any concerns or needs – separately from the teams you work with on the ground. We are always happy to talk to you informally to see how we can help. 

“We will work to understand your business needs and the context of your business environment, using industry best practice and processes to assess your challenges”